JROC SHOES is an American brand founded in 2012 by native New Yorker, James Roccisano.

On the hunt for the perfect shoe, it became apparent that those marketed for comfort were bulky and inelegant, while ones that looked great inevitably lacked support and fell apart.

With belief in both function and form, James Roccisano creates a crossover shoe that fits the modern, active man’s lifestyle. Finally, men can have reliable and classically styled footwear, contemporarily designed for wear ability.

JROC SHOES strives to provide each customer with the finest footwear by utilizing materials from around the globe. Crafted in supple suede or durable canvas, these shoes feature unique stitching plus exceptional heel and arch support.

Inspired by New York City’s energetic pace, as well as relaxing weekends in the Hamptons, JROC SHOES carry you everywhere you want to be.



James A. Roccisano is the founder, designer and C.E.O. of JROC SHOES. He is a businessman and craftsman who grew up in Long Island, New York and currently residing in both N.Y.C. as well as Southampton, NY.

James was a curious and mechanically minded child. He would take apart his toys to reassemble them more functionally, undeterred by the fact that often, he was left with spare parts. 😉 James has always been an innovator.

Upon graduating from college James worked on Wall Street for five years trading currencies. Realizing that he missed working with his hands, he decided to direct his energies towards a more creative field.

He entered the diamond jewelry industry thereafter, where he was able to design, manufacture and sell unique jewelry to retail and private clients.

James currently runs two businesses; JIMMY THE ROCK FINE JEWELRY and JROC SHOES.

Never at rest, James keeps a woodshop at his home on the East End of Long Island where he designs and builds custom furniture out of reclaimed materials.